Summer Season Fiesta Headdress

As a textile designer and  reuse maker I like to work with a colour story that reflects a mood or season. I’ve been carrying around a very vibrant pallette  for a while, (back in the gloomy winter months it was stashed in my wallet), it’s helped me to pick out and respond to rescue fabrics for up and coming projects.

It’s bright, like a fiesta you could say, these images have been a strong starting point for my soon to published DIY doable summer fiesta headdress class, crochet chilli’s are optional, but pompoms will of course be required !

Assorted Samples, Reuse T-Shirt yarn
Preloved t-shirt yarn, summer work in progress

I’ve assembled a range of #reuse jersey material, in the form of preloved t-shirts and have handmade yarn ready to use for the crochet, macrame and knotted working stages.

This is a bright backdrop of sample snippets, soon to follow – a summer festival, fabulous fiesta headdress !

Stay posted  🙂

Fi x

Summer Colour Sizzler !
Catcha Fiesta Summer Mood