Grove Street brings us together in reclaiming the road for play.

Grove Street in Hanover reclaming the street for play, following on from
 Playing Out; an initiative in a Bristol neighbourhood;

A lovely day and an inspired move, thanks to Grove Street, Hanover Community Centre and and local residents….

Grove Street ; Streets Are Made For Sharing.

Grove Street Comes Out To Play

I will be heading  to Grove Street today, with a treasure trove stuffed suitcase, the red one, which some of you may recognise as the Lost Mitten Project. Along with the mighty number 10 crochet hook as I hope to set to work on a new lamppost yarn tag, I noticed how the one at the Hanover Community Centre re-cycling depot has weathered and faded considerably.

Today will be my first visit to an active Play Street in Brighton, let’s see more of this activity for children, and perhaps go further, I’d like to see us adopt Playborhoods;  streets where parents take it in turns to watch out for the neighbourhood’s children as they play out.

The yarn tag got a make-over , a quick inside out manoeuver; in place of a good wash, then a bit of sprucing up and  the Hanover Community Centre lamppost sock is looking much revived!

the faded yarn tag, in need of a spruce up!
the yarn tag revived!

new blogs and banner’s…

a new shop name for the etsy store banner.

Hey there, well now,  I was my own magic weaver in of ends yesterday, which means my silk wrap bangles are looking resplendent and complete.  I’ve also put the finishing touches to the first Scardie, it is so textural and fun to wear, It’s a little bit like wearing a lion’s mane (I’m told), and do agree.  So very excited about organising  some complimentary photos of the new pieces.

On a more nerdy note, I’ve downloaded gimp to the new laptop and I am getting ready to update my new banner on the Etsy shop. It’s a change using my own name for my store. I’m also very keen to finish another  long strand necklace, such a delight; cutting and working with the heavily embroidered Kimono fabric and spinning the threads into a new wearable form.

a lion’s mane, comfy, warm and weighty, dramatically textural!