Summer Season Fiesta Headdress

As a textile designer and  reuse maker I like to work with a colour story that reflects a mood or season. I’ve been carrying around a very vibrant pallette  for a while, (back in the gloomy winter months it was stashed in my wallet), it’s helped me to pick out and respond to rescue fabrics for up and coming projects.

It’s bright, like a fiesta you could say, these images have been a strong starting point for my soon to published DIY doable summer fiesta headdress class, crochet chilli’s are optional, but pompoms will of course be required !

Assorted Samples, Reuse T-Shirt yarn
Preloved t-shirt yarn, summer work in progress

I’ve assembled a range of #reuse jersey material, in the form of preloved t-shirts and have handmade yarn ready to use for the crochet, macrame and knotted working stages.

This is a bright backdrop of sample snippets, soon to follow – a summer festival, fabulous fiesta headdress !

Stay posted  🙂

Fi x

Summer Colour Sizzler !
Catcha Fiesta Summer Mood


Chita Chintzy

Wonderfully chintzy !

As part of a small team of rescuer’s at the creative reuse group; Remade In Brighton, one of the delights is finding a new purpose for fabric remnants from the Huberdashery cupboard.

This wonderful floral fabric has a modern chintzy, furnishing fabric feel to it and it’s lovely for draping.

Wonderfully chintzy !
Far from Hindustani motifs, “Kensington” printed in England for Cowtan & Tout 1982. Delicate floral bouquets and finer sprays over a pale grey ground

It’s almost been fully revived as a classic 1950’s style beach top, with just a few more tweaks to make with the straps and it’s ready !

The original chintz process of block printing by hand has long since migrated into modern, light, cotton glazed type fabrics of which ”Kensington” by Cowtan and Tout from 1982 is a wonderful example. This is a great palette range, looking at the Selvedge;

Selvedge colour range
Cowtan & Tout, elegant and colourful prints. Selvedge colour range for ‘kensington’

I’ll be on the rummage in the rescue section for more chintz selections, as I fancy reworking over motifs and floral scenes using Kantha embroidery techniques, to really bring out the gorgeous details within the fabric.





That Boho, Tasseled Folky Feeling


Boho Fringed Collar, with hand beaded details and organic linen edging and reclaimed cotton jersey fringing
Boho Fringed Collar, with hand beaded details, organic linen edging and reclaimed cotton jersey fringing.

It was the full vibrancy of the Made in Mexico exhibition, where my handwoven, backstrap loom lust began, and fuelled a need to protect the beautiful raw edges.

Made in Mexico, The Rebozo
Made in Mexico, The Rebozo in art, culture & fashion, at the Fashion & Textiles Museum
From the Made in Mexico Exhibition, handmade by the artist.
From Made in Mexico, handmade by the exhibiting artist*

Made in Mexico – *for a review of featured artists –

Have you noticed too we have wandered into a trend-zone where the tassel is in full swing too? Fashion likes to spin us into gossamer webs – and this time of year it’s on a batwing journey into that layered, boho folky feeling.

Hangings of all kinds are larger too – edges seem to be extending, with things dangling from woody branches; bringing the outdoors indoors is a feral format I approve of.

I envisage using sticks for things inside as a functional and decorative emblems – the utility of the wild will always be with us, when you’re next foraging in the woods, bring home a branch.

Staying with hand finished edges; I so admired last Autumn’s collection from VOZ; who embody so well the long fringe left by skilled artisans in their handcrafted garments. I wonder what gorgeous depths of garment durability and function they will continue to craft for us?

VOZ - Handwoven, Textile Skirt
by VOZ – Handwoven AW2014, Textile Skirt, with woody wall hanging….
VOZ - Handwoven Fringe Wrap Skirt
VOZ – Handwoven Fringe Wrap Skirt


Deep cuts and long strands are the way, I’ve been putting lengths into pieces and keeping a raw, unfinished salvage – embracing the  zero waste philosophy of sustainable textiles – my recent handmade collar is crafted in reclaimed yarn (unravelled by hand) with Birch grey organic linen from a range by Quince and Co, with reclaimed hematite beading, made to reflect a slow swagger of a Boho mood.

Fringe piece - handcrafted, full fringe collar, using recyled cotton fringing, reclaimed hematite and organic, birch grey linen edging by Quince & Co
Fringe piece – handcrafted, full fringe collar, using recyled cotton fringing, reclaimed hematite and organic, birch grey linen edging by Quince & Co. #fionaszabojewellery

New Batch Reclamation – Fabric Print Bangles

Bold Fabric print bangles, Fiona Szabo
Bold Fabric print bangles, Fiona Szabo

A new batch of wholesome and solid bangles are shaping up – these are reworked with bold fabric prints and reclaimed gemstones of malachite and turquoise. I’ve incorporated vintage jewel pieces too. Using wool; one has ribbed lining and another a hand-knitted merino lining, made with comfort in mind.