Swishy Clothes Swap Circle, happy fishy.

Feeling better dressed! Yus, don’t you love a dress swap, last night’s Circular Fashion event at My Hotel in Brighton was a great evening, (did I mention the delights of discount cocktails). I came away with a little lilac halter top, the label reads, Traffic. It’s seen some action as the square sequins around the edging have started to fray and fall off.

It’s still a magical garment, someone once made it and someone has worn it and loved it !

I know what to do about the gorgeous sparkly-ness, the sequins themselves are very precious. Activism fish all wear eyewear and this little number has just what’s needed for remaking a woolly fish’s lids into disco-ball eyelids! Just to gently mention, whilst we talk disco; too much glitter is a bit of a cause for concern, but you know that, to avoid the aluminium coated with plastic stuff (bad glitter) then head to gulit-free ones instead like biodegradeable eco glitter.

Swishy fishy, disco-ball eyelids – yus !

Enough of this chat, I’ve got some reuse bling bling to hook up and happy to be reusing this irridesent beut.

Fiply x

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