Chita Chintzy

As part of a small team of rescuer’s at the creative reuse group; Remade In Brighton, one of the delights is finding a new purpose for fabric remnants from the Huberdashery cupboard.

This wonderful floral fabric has a modern chintzy, furnishing fabric feel to it and it’s lovely for draping.

Wonderfully chintzy !
Far from Hindustani motifs, “Kensington” printed in England for Cowtan & Tout 1982. Delicate floral bouquets and finer sprays over a pale grey ground

It’s almost been fully revived as a classic 1950’s style beach top, with just a few more tweaks to make with the straps and it’s ready !

The original chintz process of block printing by hand has long since migrated into modern, light, cotton glazed type fabrics of which ”Kensington” by Cowtan and Tout from 1982 is a wonderful example. This is a great palette range, looking at the Selvedge;

Selvedge colour range
Cowtan & Tout, elegant and colourful prints. Selvedge colour range for ‘kensington’

I’ll be on the rummage in the rescue section for more chintz selections, as I fancy reworking over motifs and floral scenes using Kantha embroidery techniques, to really bring out the gorgeous details within the fabric.





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