Bagsying Unicorns, Made in March Visions.

I have been feeling that I don’t have the bag that expresses the designer in me, It’s been a mild concern of mine just recently. I have been considering making a bag. Will such a bag be ultra utilitarian and stylishly robust?

The making of the bag hasn’t happened yet, it’s still in the early visioning stages.

At Space Place Repair Cafe in Brighton, Sarah just happened to whip out a great DIY, bag making book; ‘Handprint and make your own bags’ it’s by Jenny McCabe.
The book is full of inspired printing and bag making ideas. I’m not sure where I will go next with my bag making thoughts. This book helped to fire up my thinking on the subject.

This is close to what I am feeling; the wool outer and contrast vintage look inner, with a modern bright zipper.
Etsy uncovered this, just one of many places that supports all sorts of makers.


Whilst still in an inquisitive mood, I’m thinking about Spring/Summer and headgear, so I’ve started a new project. I like to wear a hat. Soon, I plan to play around with wearing a headband or ‘turbanator’ and designing one in reclaimed jersey fabric. These ideas are well formed. So look out for my top notch reclaimed t-shirt fabric, the stylish turbanator !

To head the master vision making along the right path….By Gina Marinelli, silver unicorn headband.

Lyly Bye, Diary of Dark Lolita, blogspot.from blog of adriftingpenny

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