Marking Connections at the Kollektiv.

Recently I spent an inspired evening at the Kollektiv Gallery with some of Brighton’s artists and makers. Fulled with homemade seasonal pies and fruity wine, thanks to Moyra Scott, we chattted and shared thoughts on where we go to connect to our creative flow.  The gallery backdrop helped to move our thinking outwards as our busy hands connected to our project work, art journalling and expressive bauble making.

Art Gathering.

Gallery founder Sophie Giblin kept us well looked after; merrily discussing working processes and sharing her own creative insights around bringing the gallery together.  I purchased a giclee print by a local artist/illustrator Patrick R Allan and began to have clearer thoughts about my new collection and making destinations that I would like return to, further mapped out by easy conversation with creatives.

Asking questions about connections and working spaces;  what helps artists to develop and grow, within a mixed group of practitioner’s was useful.  I left feeling evermore curious to see how enterprise helps artists, makers and designers become professionally independent. Being a self-made me, the person who does things her way, I could really appreciate the wonder and brilliance in a concept like the Kollektiv Gallery.

Kollectiv Gallery

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