Too big for an eye patch?

 I completed a fascinator, I’d like to perch wearing it on the arm of a plush little red velvet Deco sofa, thinking about red sofa’s makes me think of the red plastic one at the back of the Caroline of Brunswick pub. You could wear the fascinator there too, with the six eyes of Cerberus on bloodied stalks….

This  making of the new item has gently been in germination for some time, like all good things, silently taking shape, under the whispers of a new moon it emerged, how did this happen?  Was it the cupboard elves? well no, it was a fairly solid bout of three hours craft time by my nifty fingers,

I read elsewhere, here and there, that Ascot has tightened up the code for ladies head-gear*, are we no longer quite so fascinated by fascinator’s in certain circles then?

You don’t mind if I tickle your nostrils with just one more?  This one is very party friendly, made in cotton and super kid mohair (Debbi Bliss) with a hint of silk in there too. It’s oval in shape and incorporates a reclaimed diamante centre piece that sits atop hints of  silver Lurex, in a gossamer winged hornet fashion.

*announcing that women will have to wear hats, not fascinators, as part of a tightening of the dress code in Royal Ascot’s Royal Enclosure. In previous years female race goers were simply advised that “many ladies wear hats.”

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