Vintage Brass + Brocade Crystal Detail Necklace

Fiona Szabo is a modern-day maker and textile bricoleur; combining and turning eclectic and sourced materials, along with treasured items into statement pieces.  From her Brighton based studio, Fiona makes bespoke, contemporary textile wall jewellery and home accessories,  that revive once worn, beloved garments and honor the slowly crafted workings of the artisan.

Her work sits comfortably within the tradition of textile design; knitting, weaving, knotting, crochet, and hand-beading techniques combine to produce her statement, one-of-a-kind pieces. To complement, Fiona choses reclaimed gilt findings, beach stones, organic yarns, vintage fabrics and antique furnishings. Her work is hand sourced locally, and crafted with care in limited edition.

WORKSHOPS/TUTORING In addition, Fiona encourages people to turn their jewellery and clothing into revived items by supporting community based side projects; Remade In Brighton, and craftivism, @woollywave, which demonstrate the skill of remaking and focuses on the potential of reclaimed textiles, yarn and found materials.    


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